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90 ml
ODORO Fragrances

Ambergris is dedicated for a home which emphasizes sophisticated oriental luxury and uniqueness of interior.

Ambergris will grace your residence with Oriental mystery and an expression of a unique taste and will inspire you to pursue your charismatic exclusivity.

Origin of fragrance – France.


Top notes: ambra

Heart notes: geranium, incense

Base notes: vanilla

The black fiber coated sticks are made using exceptional technology – the longitudinal pores of the sticks are precisely located along each other, that ensures smooth and effective feed of the oil from the bottle

You only need to flip them once per week. It is estimated that these sticks are 50% more effective than wooden sticks.

Home fragrances ODORO MOOD Collection – this is a fragrant mood formula for your cozy home!

Home fragrance last up to 4 months if you remember to take a little care of me.

We recommend to use 1-2 sticks and flip them every few days, or at leats once a week.

When flipping does not refresh the fragrance anymore, replace them with the new ones.