Exfoliating tonic with AHA, PHA Olival

Preces kods: 693162

Exfoliating tonic is based on 5.9% AHA and PHA acids, apple extract and nourishing, moisturizing ingredients such as hyaluronic acid, betaine, glycerin and panthenol, with a specially adapted pH value of 3.6 that guarantees effective exfoliation. The tonic contains mandelic acid, gluconolactone and lactobinic acid that exert a gentle chemical peel of all skin types, including mature skin. It gently removes dead skin cells and restores moisture, and makes long-term use of the complexion smoother, purier, more uniform and shinier.

The specificity of this tonic is the careful selection of ingredients and their concentration so that most skins can be applied more often than similar products, which allows for a much more comfortable care routine and gentler maintenance of a healthy and beautiful appearance of the skin. Depending on the condition of the skin and needs, it is possible to use the tonic several times a week until every other day (balanced, mature, dry skin) or daily (oily skin).

It can be used all year round (with sun protection), and it is not recommended to use it in parallel with retinoids or other AHA and BHA acids (in the same routine). 

Apply the tonic on a dry face with a piece of cotton wool, cloth or directly drowning the palms (ideally due to the saving of the product and the gentlest application), avoiding sensitive areas around the eyes. After absorbing, continue your care with moisturizing serum, cream and/or oil.

Warning! Apply exclusively on dry skin. Use in evening care, with the application of sunscreen products during the day. Due to the specific action of acids, in problematic skin prone to irregularities, a phase of “cleansing” is possible, which is short-lived and transient.

Shake before use!