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Eye area

The skin around the eyes is much thinner than, for example, on the cheeks. The skin there produces less collagen and elastane, it works more, because the eyelids are constantly moving and the eyes are under heavy stress all day. As a result, the skin around the eyes quickly loses moisture, and wrinkles appear there most quickly.

For the skin around the eyes to retain its beauty longer, it is advisable to use the appropriate care products. Eye creams, serums, and essences are usually formulated to protect the area from stress and harmful effects.

The skin in the eye area should be looked after in a timely manner. For example, with evening care, it is better to apply the cream at least an hour before bedtime so that there is no puffy eyes in the morning.

Particular attention is paid to dark circles around the eyes. Special eye creams can whiten or reflect light slightly, thereby reducing their visibility.

Pē offers creams, serums for skin care around the eyes. The creams are eco-certified and are suitable for vegans.